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I really enjoyed my introductory Agility class at the grand opening of Zoom Room Walnut Creek. The staff were very friendly and caring and the other dogs were great.

Two paws up!

- Carol W., who enjoyed Intro to Agility with Kelda

Liz is a great, upbeat instructor. Abby is in Agility 3 and just loves it. I hope to continue with agility and urban herding.

- Cathy Overmyer, who enjoyed Agility with Abby

So about a month ago we adopted a 3 year old semi-insane cuddle bug of an American Bulldog from the pound in Martinez. Wilbur loves everyone and EVERY dog but he's sort of clueless about how to express his love to his canine friends. We were a little panicked because we live in an apartment and this pup needs to go on walks to get his energy out. But than we found Zoom Room and Liz and life has been much better. We can take Wilbur to private gym and he gets to run around and play with the toys and go crazy for 30 minutes (which is about all the exercise this lazy boy can take)! Also Liz has been amazing encouraging us with his training and basically reassuring a neurotic dog mama that "everything will be ok!" (I just want my boy to be normal!). Wilbur isn't quite ready for any of the fancy agility courses yet, but we're hoping after some basic obedience training, or maybe some more intense obedience training that he can be jumping and leaping and hoppin' around with everyone else! So my opinion is there is something for everyone and every dog at zoom room so get down there ASAP! Thanks Liz, Wilbur is snoring away on the couch right now, which is just the way we like it!

- Nicole and Adam G., who enjoyed Private Gym with Wilbur

What a great time for both of us. Great helpful hints to troubleshoot bad behaviors at home

- Marlene Robson, who enjoyed Obedience, agility and tricks with Sake

Yogi and I love this place. We have started the agility training and my dog, Yogi, loves the experience. She is challenged and excited every time we take a class. Liz is wonderful with all of the dogs and their owners. They also offer a great selection of natural dog food and snacks.

- Amber J., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Yogi

Liz is very knowledgeable and patience. We are leaning how to deal with issues and things are improving. We highly recommend the Zoom room.

- Bob and Debbie Seevers, who enjoyed obedience 1 with Gracy

Liz and the Zoom Room are GREAT. Our pup, Mhairi loves it, and we have learned a lot from Liz - she knows her stuff. We haven't been back for a few months, but plan to soon!

- Patty F., who enjoyed Obedience with Mahairi

The Zoom Room Walnut Creek is an awesome place to take your precious dog. Our dog loves the Zoom Room it's given him so much confidence and really gives him the physical and mental work out he needs. We threw our dog Taj a birthday party last week and it wasn't only the dogs who had a great time! we had a ball seeing the dogs engaged and trying something new. Thank you so much Liz and David for making our baby's 5th birthday amazing, we can't thank you enough for the great work you put into our event. Thank you David for the great photos, we loved them so much!!!!! Dog Parties are the best way to spend time with your fellow dog buddies!!!

- Sarah V., who enjoyed Birthday Party with Taj

My dog Handy loves this place even though he is pretty bad in the class. Handy is an 8 year old small Maltese and is very very lazy with no discipline. So I thought maybe agility classes could help him become more active. Liz is so good. I was very embarrassed because my dog wouldn't even go more than 3 steps on the A-frame the first time. Failed almost every task when other dog just got it right away! The only thing is he is pretty cute so I can't get too mad at him. So I was thinking - ok there is no hope. But the second class he went ALL THE WAY on top of that A-frame! i was so impressed! And Handy enjoyed it so much that my dad told me that one time he was walking him for me and he walked straight to Zoom Room and wanted to go in and play! Right now he is still in agility 1 but I believe he will go on to 2 soon!

- Li Jia W., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Handy

The agility classes and private gyms have been a great outlet for Sabrina. She has a lot of energy and takes a huge amount of patience and Liz has been great working with her.

- Jennifer, who enjoyed Agility with Sabrina

Positive and fun way to bond with my dog.

- Kristen Parker, who enjoyed Agility with Blew

Pepper loves agility, but gets very excited and barky with the activity of the other dogs.
Liz has always been very supportive and made efforts to accomodate him as he gets used to the class.

- Sue G., who enjoyed Agility with Pepper

Loved it. Liz is great.

- Wendy Bryant, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Maggie

I like both the group and private sessions.In private it was great to be able to choose what i wanted to work on.

- Anne Fuller, who enjoyed obedience 2 and 4 private sessions with Jordan

I cannot praise the Zoom Room Walnut Creek enough for the AMAZING dog birthday party they helped us throw for Taj. Everyone (even those guests with no dog) really enjoyed themselves, Liz and David made it really easy for us the hosts to focus spending time on our guest and not worrying about the food set up or the general running of the party. The dogs had a blast playing on the equipment and socializing, they loved the lights. David so kindly took lots of WONDERFUL photos of the dogs and the party though out the night, just one less thing we had to think about. Thank you again Liz and David, honestly we couldn't have done the party with out you and HIGHLY recommend your services for any other fun loving fur baby family!

- Sarah Vadada, who enjoyed Dog Birthday Party with Taj

Willow loves agility at Zoom Room! As a young and energetic Aussie, it's the perfect exercise for her body and mind. Not to mention for me; it's a workout and she's pretty tired after an hour long class. It's exciting to see her remembering how to go through each obstacle and improving each class. Meeting and working with other dogs and their people is fun too. We love Liz, too!

- Maureen Loughney, who enjoyed Agility 1 & 2 with Willow B

It is a great class and extremely helpful to learn the correct training methods and dos and don'ts.

- Steven Ayres, who enjoyed Puppy II - Obedience with Rodder Ayres


- Brittany Trammell, who enjoyed Agility 2 and Obedience 3 with Landry

We had a great first experience with agility. Liz helped Shasta feel comfortable, since she was really nervous. Can hardly wait for the next class. Post Zoom Room pooped out puppy. Loved my experience.

- Donayalynn, who enjoyed Agility 1 with Shasta

Zoomroom is great. My dog is learning so much. More than I ever thought he could.

- Kim Larkworthy, who enjoyed Agility with Bailey

Great teacher!! Knows her dogs well!
I love her explanations of why and showing how to use treats to our advantage.

- Gaylene S., who enjoyed Obedience 1,2, and in 3 now with Blazer

My dog and I love the Zoom Room. It's a great place to learn, and fun, fun, fun!

- M.G., who enjoyed Agility 1, 2 with Macchiato

Liz if very patient and really helps me with the correct command and hand motions.

- Annette, who enjoyed Agility 2 with Lani

I love the Zoom room! The instructor is amazing. My big dog has learned so much and she loves going to the zoom room.

- Marlene Riedel, who enjoyed Agility, trick, obediance with Daisy

Our little puppy Alice has come so far from the tiny pup we found on the side of the freeway because of Liz and Zoom Room! Liz suggested the classes and training Alice should have and it has helped her grow into a far more confident dog -- and has helped us all have so much fun together! We are now taking our older dog as well and having a blast.

- Judy, who enjoyed Puppy Agility, Agility 1 with Alice

It is always great going to the zoom room. Liz is always really informative on ways to help my dog and explains everything really well. It's always clean inside and are always stocked on toys and treats which is great.

- Talie, who enjoyed Shy dog class with Crosby

We love Liz. Her training is fun & positive. We have been going to classes for several months since I adopted Sunny at 3 months old. Sunny is now almost 8 months old & she is very obedient even off leash, & the classes have also helped me bond with Sunny. We will keep taking classes because we love Liz & Zoom Room. We signed up for more classes today.

- Robyn Evans, who enjoyed Puppy Agility with Sunny

A well-organized, clean, neat and professional establishment. Kelda and her guest, La Russa thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The classroom setting was very professionally run.
A great place for dogs to meet and enjoy themselves, along with learning many skills.

- Carol Weldin, who enjoyed Agility I & Private Gym with Kelda

We have had a great experience at the Walnut Creek Zoom Room! Liz is very knowledgable, personable, and accommodating. The facility is inviting and organized and well-run by the staff. Everything at The Zoom Room is superior to other training options (both pet store based and private trainer) we've used for our cattle dog, Kora, previously.

- Mary Lou Bullock, who enjoyed Obedience 3 and Agility 1 with Kora

Very happy with the progress so far.

- Brent Welling, who enjoyed Obedience 1 with Wheeler

it has been a great experience. Liz is so good and makes you feel very comfortable and competent with your furry friend.

- Trish Schneider, who enjoyed agility and obedience with Bear Schneider

Did some great fine tuning and liz gave us some more tools to work with to help Arlo with learning and myself with the same. Arlo loves playing as well. Was fun and definitely helpful

- Krista Silveria, who enjoyed Private training session with Arlo

I think my husband and I have as much fun as our pug in class. Liz is a fabulous trainer - patient, knowledgeable, helpful, and positive. The entire staff is friendly and focused on customer service, which I really appreciate!

The online reservation system is great (you can also book a class over the phone). I love that the block of classes I bought can be used for whatever class I want, in whatever time slot I need. We've done Agility so far, but I'm really interested in Tricks and maybe throwing in an Obedience to brush up on some skills. I'm also looking at Calm Down (teenage pug = crazy), though I think that's a workshop at specific times each week instead of a drop-in as needed class. We also look forward to renting the space for private gym to play and practice all his new skills.

They are well-stocked with toys, healthy food, etc. (even the hard to find Acana brand of food we use).

Highly recommended!

- Wendy P., who enjoyed Agility 1 with Angus

Really great

- Stephanie, who enjoyed Obedience with Steve

We loved the intro class! Liz and the rest of the staff at Zoom Room Walnut Creek are fabulous. Our pug was "dog-tired" after the 50 minute class where he got his first taste of jumping through the tire, weaving, going up the ramp, over the bar and through the tunnel. Who knew you can teach a (7 year) old (out-of-shape) dog new tricks? We will definitely be back (probably tomorrow to sign up for a package of classes!).

- Christie R., who enjoyed Intro to Agility with Rascal

We LOVE it here!! Liz is great!! She makes learning fun. Charles (the pug) has such a fun time. We learn something new every session and practice at home until our next class. Liz's methods work. We're now at the point where we occasionally get rewards and Charles doesn't seem to mind when he does a command and gets a belly rub. I would HIGHLY recommend bringing your pups here. Great environment, friendly staff and you'll get results (so long you practice daily at home for 15 min). I do however think you should do a private lesson first. We did just so Charles can get acquainted before jumping in. We learned some basic commands (sit, stay, down) and picked a command to focus on: we have a killer stay! I have to admit, I'm surprised he's doing this well (pugs can be pretty stubborn). And you should see our puppy push ups! Charles worked really hard to perfect his 'down'.

- Nicole L., who enjoyed Puppy Obedience with Charles

Hugo and I think the Walnut Creek Zoom Room is the greatest thing ever for dogs and their guardians. We have been looking for training and we found the perfect trainer in Liz. She has helped Hugo overcome his shyness through private training where Liz showed infinite patience. We were so thrilled when Hugo graduated to group classes and is now in Agility. We also have lots of fun in private gym where we get to practice our lessons.The Zoom Room is such a wonderful concept and fills the void for dog training in multiple disciplines all in one place as well as a great place for dogs and their guardians to have fun and get exercise. We would live there if we could!

- Katherine Stewart, who enjoyed Private training, Obedience, Agility, Private Gym with Hugo

All we have done so far is have our orientation, but WOW! The place is amazing and Liz is fabulous. My daughter is determined to train our dog in agility and as a therapy dog. I am thrilled that I have found someone that my daughter wants to work with and who has the experience to help her. The classes look great and the flexible schedule is going to be wonderful! My daughter has already decided that she is going to have her birthday party here!

- Lynn M., who enjoyed Orientation with Parker

So much fun and engaging for Holiday! We look forward to every class!

- Linda Stalcup, who enjoyed Agility with Holly

5 stars isn't enough for this place. We started bringing our dog by on his walks for treats and now we're enrolled in classes and taking advantage of the open gym that they offer. Unlike a lot of other dog training facilities, the Zoom Room is extremely clean and never has a foul odor. I think we've met every person in staff and they have all been very professional, friendly and helpful. What impressed me the most is that the owner/trainer Liz and her staff having nothing but your dog's best interest in mind. My dog Bernie and my wife and I have definitely learned a ton from the trainings so far. It is so cool to be able to rent out the entire gym for 30 minutes to play and burn energy. And Bernie can bring up to two friends with him! We're so happy to have this amazing place in our neighborhood!

- Mark N., who enjoyed Obedience 1, 2 and Private Gym with Bernie

We love Zoom Room, Walnut Creek! Liz has really helped us with our dog's behavioral problems and we've notice tremendous improvement with our dog ever since we've started seeing her for private lessons. Liz is very easy to talk to and you can tell she really knows her stuff and that this is her passion!

- Kelly Pearson, who enjoyed Private Training with Ava

2 month ago, I adopted a little furball from the Berkeley Humane Society. She was 8 weeks old at the time and had some separation anxiety issues since she was left at the shelter when she was only 6 weeks old. I decided to start her off on the right foot and take her to puppy preschool and Zoom Room was the place I chose.

The owner, Liz, is very knowledgeable, caring and always answers my questions even if I have a bunch of them being a new puppy owner. Riley, my puppy, went from hiding under the lockers on her first class to a confident and happy pup, socializing with all the puppies after just 2 classes. I recently took her to a puppy agility class and it was fun for the both of us. Megan, our trainer for puppy agility, was sweet and patient and for an energetic and fun loving pup like Riley, that class was great for her! I wish it was offered more than once a week since I can't always make it on a Saturday morning.

Everyone at Zoom Room have been helpful and they carry great products for dogs as well. I get many of Riley's treats from there and feel safe knowing they carry high quality products. They also carry Acana dog food and since switching Riley over, she has had less GI issues and became more regular with her potty habits.

Being a very picky and protective puppy parent, I am very happy with Zoom Room and their staff. If you love your dog, bring him/her here!

- Yue L., who enjoyed Puppy Preschool and Puppy Agility with Riley

Teddy loved the classes. He was pooped after the agility. It was so nice seeing him learn how to do activities and obedience. All good. Only problem is he is a young pup and can't advance yet so it is repetitious after awhile and towards the end of the classes he was not interested. But that is also puppy thinking.

- Jo Levy, who enjoyed agility and obedience with Teddy

The best fun ever! Holly loves Liz and the entire Zoom Room staff. We look forward to our weekly sessions and highly recommend Walnut Creek Zoom Room!

- Linda Stalcup, who enjoyed Private Gym Agility practice with Holiday

My husband and I love Zoom Room. It' such a fun place to visit and Liz, the owner. is wonderful. She is very knowledgeable about training dogs and is an excellent and patient trainer. The entire staff is very friendly and always so helpful.

- Mary Roberson, who enjoyed Puppy Preschool with Riley

I've been lazy and haven't reviewed zoom room out of fear that it would become such a popular place and my poor nutmeg wouldn't be able to get her training, but alas the time has come to finally do a review. At first Liz recommended doing agility because our dog was shy and that would help her come out of her shell... I'll admit, I was skeptical at first and really just went with it to see my dog jump over the bar when set at 18 inches, yes it's a man thing, but my small pup has some hops. Sure Liz took it easy on her setting the bar low, but after a few tries, I knew my Nutmeg appreciated the low bar so she wouldn't be seen as a show off in front of her classmates... But she does set the bar high at private gym.
Right, to the point! So I doubted my dog would ever get out of her shell, but tonight I am the happiest dog daddy ever. My Nutmeg played with other dogs! Was she leading the pack? Hell no! Not her style, but she was curious, barked, went into the crowd and running the hell out of the crowd, but no longer hugging the walls or begging me to pick her up to save her! So here's my review! Have a shy dog? Bring em here! Got a happy go getter dog? Bring em here! They'll just love to play! And it's true, Liz doesn't train the dogs, she trains the people, dog already knows what to do: make you happy :) Thanks Liz! Nutmeg is sleeping well tonight with a smile on her face!

- Danny R., who enjoyed Agility and Play Sessions with Nutmeg

Good...Liz was really kind to me and my dog. My dog liked playing with all the dogs in his classes.

- Nancy Belliveau, who enjoyed Agility and scent with Scotty

We LOVE the Zoom Room!! Chloe is always so excited for her obedience classes, and we all love Liz! Chloe has made huge improvements in obedience since we've been going. Liz always knows exactly what to do! I wish we'd found it sooner!

- Lindsay E., who enjoyed Obedience 2 with Chloe

I absolutely love the Zoom Room! What an amazing experience this has been. From the great products they offer to the staff going above and beyond for their clients to the fun and educational classes - Liddy and I are so glad we decided to check it out. It is definitely the highlight of Liddys week! I saw "today were going to Zoom Room" and she starts wagging her tail and getting excited.

- Monique Thompson, who enjoyed Obedience 1 & 2 & private gym with Liddy

Great. Abby loves this and we are going to continue with Agility 2 and 3.

- Cathy Overmyer, who enjoyed Agility with Abby

Liz is a wonderful trainer, of both dogs and people. ;-). In the upper levels of agility classes, she tailored our lessons to the needs of our individual dogs, which I really appreciated. She is always patient, encouraging, and helpful.

- Marilyn, who enjoyed Agility with Macchiato

With an active Border Collie I knew I'd have to challenge him and the Zoom Room has been really helpful in teaching Diesel new skills. Liz is a great trainer, positive and very patient. I've enjoyed the once a week activity and I know that my dog has too, because he's always tired after class!
The facility is very nice, well maintained and fully stocked with anything a dog could need. I only wish there was a location closer to Alameda/Oakland.
I am interested in continuing his herding training, and possibly even start him on Agility.

- Rachel Radcliffe, who enjoyed Urban Herding with Diesel

It was our first class. Liz remembered missy from our evaluation. She is wonderful trainer and easy to understand. I look forward to many more.

- britta, who enjoyed obedience 1 with missy

This facility has been a great addition to walnut creek. It has allowed me to train my dogs and see them progress. We go about 1-2 times per week. It allows the dogs to progress on their own timeline and not be rushed along in a traditional obedience class. My rescue has been a hard dog to train and has taken her 5 months to advance to obedience 2

- Debra Myhr, who enjoyed Private training, obedience and agility with Roxy and Maggie

Working in the veterinary field, I am constantly exposed to many differed dogs that have come from different training groups, trainers, and training techniques. The most important aspect of my puppy's training is that is done through positive reinforcement, humanely, and in a way that just enhances my dog's natural behavior, and helps us strengthen our human-dog bond. That is exactly what Liz teaches. The American Board of Veterinary Behavioral medicine recently published a book on how to most effectively and humanely train your dog and the techniques taught in this class are aligned with exactly that, and so are her reasonings.

I also appreciate Liz' wealth of knowledge, she provides owners with accurate recommendations to accommodate pulling dogs through her understanding of the behaviors that cause this and what best harness/walking device would resolve this issue.

Other reasons I love zoomroom:
1. I don't have to adhere to a "package" where we come every "Tuesday at 5:30" it makes it very easy to fit into our busy schedules by having a class offered multiple times a week. We also never feel like we fall behind or are ahead. There are core training we address every class and then new stuff each time.
2. It's SELF-PACED. There is no other training in the Bay Area like this that I know of. Every dog is different and some may need more time than others to grasp new training, or even for the owners.
3. Liz teaches all the classes so there is consistency. She gets to know your dog and his/her weaknesses and strengths. This is very important to me because I don't have to explain his situation in each new class.
4. Class size is TINY. I believe the classes top out at 8 dogs. This is unheard of in the Bay Area; normal obedience class sizes are around 15, and only limited if it is a shy dog class. Smaller Class = more personal Attention.
5. The facility is brand-spanking new, on rubber mats so not cement/grass/chainlink fence and indoors! Perfect for private gym sessions for us to practice recall in a small safe enclosed area, let the puppy burn off energy when it is raining, and introduce him to all the different agility equipment and potential new toys!
6. All the products and treats they have in their boutique are healthy for both your dog's tummy, comfort, and mental health. There are more puzzle toys than bowls! Prices are very reasonable.
7. It is so easy to sign up for classes online and see whats open. If there is an issue just call them!

Many of my friends (and strangers on the street or dog park) have seen how quickly and reliably our puppy has become well-behaved, and asked what we have done. Many of them have even signed up for orientations and evaluations to start becoming a zoomer.

Things I would love to see as Zoom Room Walnut Creek grows is a location in Berkeley/Oakland/Emeryville there is nothing out here like it and it would be more accessible to the San Francisco folk, (and selfishly me, even though we find it worth it to go to Walnut Creek. Traffic can be a bit of a nightmare for the evening classes). We would also love to see more social groups, for puppies, small dogs, medium dogs, big dogs. Maybe also another evening Obedience 2 offering for those who have work during the day.

Thanks for all the work you do!

- Frances H., who enjoyed Puppy Obedience 2/Adult Obedience 2/ Private Gym/ will be trying Puppy Agility with Tricerahops

Very helpful. Zilly liked the agility classes but was distracted by the other dogs. Zilly was a young stray with no training and had not been socialized. By the end of the private sessions she played with a dog for the first time. It was a breakthrough.

- Laureen, who enjoyed agility + private sessions with Zilly

Bella is our new rescue dog and she is perfect, except that she is very afraid of many every day things including people. The shy dog class was perfect for her. I learned many technique to help her when walking in the community or when meeting with people. She has greatly improved, I am amazed by her progress and very thankful to the team at the Walnut Creek Zoom Room . I now know that my Bella will be OK even with her shy issues, and I will definitely continue to work with the Zoom Room over the next years. I highly recommmend to enroll tyour dog to their shy dog class if you have a dog afraid of human and afraid of the outside world.

- Anick, who enjoyed Shy dog with Bella

My Schnoodle and I love the Zoom Room. He is 85 pounds and not an obvious candidate for agility training, but Liz understands that we want him to be mentally and physically stimulated, to learn new skills, to enhance the communication between Digby and me and to have fun! As she has said, he will never be a competitive agility dog, but that was never our goal. She is an excellent trainer, a very caring dog-lover and runs a superior business. When Digby loses his focus at about 40 minutes into the session (he is still a puppy with a teenage-boy dog brain) she knows how to bring him back to task. Digby and I are almost complete with Agility 4 and next we will do Scent training and when he's a bit older, he will become a Therapy dog with the help of Liz and the Zoom Room. If you love your dog, you must give this a try!

- Mary O'Reilly, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2, 3 and 4 with Digby

Digby gets so excited when I say to him "Zoom, Zoom!" He knows he's in for a great time. Agility 1, 2, 3, and 4 have taught both of us so much. He adores Liz! Sometimes to the point he runs off course to find out what special treats she has :-)

- Mary O'Reilly, who enjoyed Agility 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Tricks 1 with Digby

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