Must Love Dogs!

The Perfect Pet Franchise for Women

Calling all women entrepreneurs!

If you’ve ever put “Must Love Dogs” in a personal ad (or if you’ve been in a relationship for longer than there’s been a Facebook, if you can at least smile at the idea), we’d love for you to get to know a bit more about the Zoom Room.

Professional WomenThe nation’s leading pet business consultant, Jaime Van Wye, has been creating wealth and a happier workplace for countless professional women over the past decade. In 2001, Jaime created Rover Kennels, which soon became the go-to boarding facility in L.A., frequented by the dogs of celebrities like Tom Cruise, Kelly Clarkson, and Tyra Banks. The business became a tremendous success, grossing over $750,000 in the first year alone.

After years of helping men and women entrepreneurs start their own pet business as the National Dog Daycare Chair of the Pet Care Services Association, Jaime decided to take everything she’d ever learned about the dog business, and everything great about working with dogs, and create the first truly perfect pet franchise. And that’s how the Zoom Room was born.

Must Love Dogs

Why the Zoom Room is the Best Pet Franchise for Women

Make a difference in your community

Must Love DogsUnless there’s a Zoom Room in your neighborhood, we know there’s nothing like a Zoom Room in your neighborhood. Never before has there been a place that can be the true epicenter of your dog community – both basic and innovative dog training classes, an indoor dog park for pups to hone their agility skills no matter the weather, a safe, clean environment for puppy socialization, and a modern, urban center where like-minded dog owners can mix and mingle. Do your neighborhood dogs and their families a favor… and keep reading!

Give Pets Better Lives

Pet FranchiseEveryone knows that a tired dog is a happy dog. We know that a smart, well-trained dog is an even happier one, and that makes the entire family much, much happier. It’s no exaggeration to say that we’ve seen entire family dynamics improve markedly once their dog is being a good little pup. Our focus is dog agility – which celebrates the very bonds of communication and teamwork that are the cornerstones of any great relationship.

No Previous Dog Training Necessary

Franchise WomenWe offer a dizzying array of dog training classes: agility training, dog obedience, puppy preschool, therapy dog training, even Pup-lates Core Conditioning! How on earth will you learn it all? That’s why we’re here. We jump through hoops for our franchisees! No other pet franchise provides the depth of training we do. In our online classroom you’ll learn dog behavior, health and nutrition. You then receive three full weeks of hands-on training. We can absolutely transform you into a professional dog trainer. It’s easier than you think, because we make it easy. We also provide you with richly detailed curriculum manuals, troubleshooting guides, and we continue to be there for you long after the Grand Opening – in fact, forever!

Your very own gym!

Women in BusinessDog agility training is quite the workout! The Zoom Room is designed to look just like an upscale human fitness center – plenty of open space, snazzy graphic design, sleek furnishings, all of it catering to hip dog owners with an active lifestyle who are ready to run the course with their pups. Of course their class only lasts an hour. You’ll be zipping and zooming all day long! Are you ready to run with the pack?

Way more affordable than any other pet franchise

Women EntrepreneursAt some point, someone has called you a smart cookie, right? So while we’d love you to stay, we also want you to do your homework. Why on earth would we encourage you to click away from us? Because we know you’ll be back. Please research every pet franchise on the market. Compare apples to apples. Look at initial costs. See how many employees you’ll need. Analyze how much competition you’ll face. We want to be in business with women entrepreneurs who have a sharp enough business sense that after thorough analysis, owning a Zoom Room just makes good horse sense. (Or dog sense.) So if you’d like to click away, we won’t take it personally! See you back here soon!

A professional dog trainer AND a Party Hostess!

Franchises For WomenOur full name is the Zoom Room Dog Agility Center and Canine Social Club. Canine Social Club? That’s right. We feature Doggy Disco nights, a Hound Lounge, and we’re the perfect venue for hosting a dog birthday party, children’s theme birthday party, Bark Mitzvah… even pet commitment ceremonies! (Really.) We also host tons of dog clubs and meet-up groups, charity and pet rescue organizations. Soon you’ll learn the pleasure of serving peanut butter soft serve ice cream with crushed liver biscotti sprinkles. (Yes, for the four-legged party guests.)

An Environmentally-Conscious, Ethical Pet Business

Pet BusinessAt the Zoom Room, we use as many eco-friendly pet products and materials as possible and adopt ecologically-responsible business practices to reduce our impact on the environment. From our green building design to our all-natural pet treats and organic dog food to our recycling efforts, we maintain our commitment. We are also a 100% positive-reinforcement dog training facility – no choke collars or correction. No “alpha dog” dominance. No throw chains and growling. Just positive-reinforcement, praise, and plenty of treats. (Why? Because it’s been scientifically-proven to be more effective, and in all our years of professional dog training, we couldn’t agree more.)

Are You Ready to Zoom With Us?