Work Out With Your Dog
| November 9th, 2010

Work Out With Your Dog

The Health Benefits of Dog Agility… for Humans

Work Out With Your DogAOL’s Paw Nation features a report on the exercise and health benefits to humans engaged in dog agility training.

The report centers on research conducted by the University of Massachusetts Department of Kinesiology on dog agility training participants at the Zoom Room Dog Agility Training Center.

The researchers studied heart rate and metabolism (exchange of gases) of human handlers running the agility course with their dogs, and compared the elevation levels to that of other types of physical exercise.

Researchers found that agility training can be considered a “hard” or even “vigorous” workout, great news for dog owners trying to get more exercise!

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john chambers writes:

hello, i am an exercise practitioner researching health benefits of exercising with dogs. I work in the National Health service in southern england.
i would be grateful if you could offer me some information regarding the canine cross training classes you run, especially the exercises the humans are doing?
thank you for any information you can give me.

thank you

Zoom Room writes:

Hi John,

Please use the contact form on our site to write to corporate HQ with the specifics of your inquiry, including the exact scope of the information you’re seeking. We’ll be delighted to help if we’re able.

Your friends at the Zoom Room

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