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| March 25th, 2012

Denver Post

Colorado Zoom Rooms are a recreation center for dogs owners

Zoom Room Denver Post

Denver Post writer John Davidson visits the new Zoom Room and writes a detailed account of how fun and interactive the local classes are for dogs and their owners in Denver. Zoom Room founder Jaime Van Wye is also interviewed about how she came up with the idea for the company – which is the world’s first dog agility franchise.

On a recent Thursday night in Denver, though, the five dogs weren’t there to party or get into movies. They had work to do. In the agility class, the canines were required to jump onto tables and sit, weave through a row of white poles, climb up and down an incline, jump over the horizontal pole and creep through an articulated tunnel.
Some breezed through, such as Rocket, a beige-and-white Italian greyound/Basenji mix accompanied by 13-year-old Arden Gehl of Denver.

Arden’s mom, Meg, watching from the Hound Lounge with a reporter, said that 7-year-old Rocket, found as a stray, obviously had some training from a previous owner
All that mattered to Arden was that she was having a good time.

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